Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pak Army Aviation Rescue Estonian Mountaineer Trapped in Skardu

The Pakistan Army Aviation has successfully carried out a rescue mission to save an Estonian climber stranded in Skardu.

The mountaineer, Saama Marie, was injured while climbing the mountain and suffered a leg fracture. The rescue team quickly responded to the emergency and safely brought her down from the mountain.

After the rescue, Saama Marie was taken to Skardu to receive medical treatment for her injury. The successful operation highlights the skill and dedication of the Pakistan Army Aviation in handling such critical missions.

The rescue was a coordinated effort, showcasing the expertise and efficiency of the rescue team. Saama Marie is now in the care of medical professionals who are attending to her fractured leg. The operation ensured that she received the necessary medical attention promptly.

This incident underscores the importance of having skilled rescue teams ready to respond to emergencies in challenging environments like mountains. The Pakistan Army Aviation’s prompt and effective action in rescuing the injured climber reflects their commitment to safety and service.

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