Friday, May 24, 2024

Pak-origin ‘Cardiac Magician’ Hina Chaudhary Listed Among Top Cardiologists of the US.

Dr. Hina Chaudhary, a renowned Pakistani cardiologist known as a “Cardiac Magician,” who researches cardiac regeneration in which dead heart cells can be regenerated after a heart, has been appointed one of the top science fellows by the US National Institute of Health.

After a patient has a heart attack, her study revolves around the process of new heart muscle formation. She has been awarded the National Research Service Award by the NIH as one of the best fellows, and is an Irving scholar.

Dr. Hina Chaudhary has also been among the top-20 most prominent women in science in the entire Islamic world.

She is a cardiologist, scientist and entrepreneur who, a few months back from NIH, received a research grant of $2.9 million to further her study into cardiac cell rejuvenation. The results of her team’s research, it was reported, may lead to new therapies to repair the heart and other organs.

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