Friday, May 24, 2024

Pak Suzuki Brings ‘Installment Offer’ to Save Rs. 800,000

Pak Suzuki has introduced an exciting new installment offer to help customers save up to Rs. 800,000 on the purchase of a new Suzuki car. This initiative, in partnership with Habib Metro Auto Finance, is designed to make Suzuki cars more affordable and accessible to more people.

The installment plan allows customers to buy a new Suzuki car without a hefty upfront payment. Instead, they can pay in smaller, more manageable installments. With the potential to save up to Rs. 800,000, the offer provides substantial financial relief to car buyers. Moreover, the plan includes fixed interest rates as low as 18%, which can lead to additional savings.

In addition to the installment plan, Pak Suzuki is rolling out a series of purchase and exchange bonus offers on its well-known models, including the Alto, Wagon R, and Swift. These offers aim to boost sales and improve the company’s financial performance during these challenging times.

The launch of this installment offer comes at a crucial time for Pak Suzuki. The company recently reported a significant loss of Rs. 10.07 billion in 2023. This loss is primarily due to a sharp decline in sales, production disruptions, and high taxes.

Pak Suzuki’s net sales revenue dropped nearly 50% compared to the previous year, falling to Rs. 102.11 billion. This substantial decrease underscores the difficulties the company is facing. Inventory shortages have also led to extended periods of non-operation, further impacting sales.

Despite these challenges, Pak Suzuki managed to improve its gross profit to Rs. 17.27 billion, up from Rs. 11.68 billion the previous year. This improvement resulted in a healthier profit margin of 16.91%, a significant increase from the 5.77% margin recorded in 2022. This progress reflects the company’s efforts to manage its finances more effectively and navigate the current obstacles.

The new installment offer is a strategic move by Pak Suzuki to boost sales and help customers save money. By providing a more affordable way to purchase a new Suzuki car, the company aims to attract more buyers and improve its sales performance during challenging times.

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