Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pakistan Achieves Significant Breakthrough in Keyhole Bypass Surgery

Doctors at the Chaudhry Pervez Elahi Institute of Cardiology (CPEIC), Multan, have successfully performed the nation’s first Keyhole Bypass surgery in a significant breakthrough in the field of cardiac surgery in Pakistan.

In this regard, the Executive Director of CPEIC, Prof. Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmed, said that heart surgery had begun in Pakistan in the late 1990s and had progressed steadily, adding that CPEIC has now taken the lead by introducing the country’s modern cardiac process.

A Keyhole Bypass is a modern surgical procedure that is used to bypass blocks in heart arteries that create complications such as chest pain, breathlessness, and heart attacks, often referred to as Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Revascularization.

The Keyhole Bypass requires minimal pain, unlike the conventional bypass process, as the procedure is done without fracturing any bones and the entire operation is accomplished via a small 3-4 inch cut between the ribs.

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