Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistan Approved First- Ever Music Policy

Marriyum Aurangzeb, who used to be in charge of sharing information, has made a new set of rules called Pakistan’s first music policy. This is meant to keep safe and support the special art and music from our country. It also helps musicians follow the law when they make their creative songs and tunes.

Pakistan has a mix of different types of music that are important to our culture. There’s classical music, qawwali, ghazals, and folk songs that are all a part of our musical history.

People from other countries also admire Pakistani musicians because they’re really good at playing traditional instruments like the rabab and sitar. They make beautiful melodies and rhythms with these instruments.

Aurangzeb is really happy to share this new music policy just as her time as information minister is ending. She said that the leaders of the government, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, agreed to these rules on August 9, right before their time in charge ended.

She also said that this policy will make sure that our country’s music stays strong and that musicians are protected by the law. She thanked everyone who helped make these rules, like artists, legal experts, and people from the information ministry.

She gave special thanks to PM Sharif and the government team for supporting and making these rules a reality.

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