Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pakistan Army Conducts Rescue Operation at Hazara Express Train Incident

A very sad thing happened in southern Pakistan when a train called Hazara Express derailed near Nawabshah in Sindh province. This caused a lot of people to get hurt, and sadly, at least 28 people lost their lives.

The train went off the tracks on a Sunday, and right away, people worked quickly to help the passengers. Some of the passengers were women, kids, and older folks. It was really sad to see the train cars all broken and turned over, and the injured passengers were asking for help. Local people gave them water and food to help.

The Minister of Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique, said it was a big tragedy. He told everyone that they think 28 people passed away and many more got hurt, but they are still checking.

The Pakistan Army acted quickly and started a special rescue operation to help the people on the train. They did a really good job helping the hurt passengers. This shows how much they care about keeping people safe when something bad happens.

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