Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pakistan Army Rescues Stranded Foreign Mountaineers from Concordia, Shigar Near K2 Base Camp

Five foreign mountain climbers and a local guide got stuck near the K2 base camp in Pakistan. The Pakistan Army sent helicopters to rescue them. The army was able to bring the climbers and their guide to safety.

Among the rescued climbers were four from the UK: George Hurst, David Coop, Stephen Ryan, and Darren Corby. They were stuck on a snowy mountain line in Concordia. Another climber named Adam from Poland and a local guide named Muhammad Iqbal were also rescued from a high peak in Shigar.

This happened on August 17 when the climbers and the guide got stuck. They were hurt and had trouble breathing because they were so high up. The Pakistan Army helped them with medical care for their injuries and health issues.

The climbers from other countries said thank you to the Pakistan Army for saving them.

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