Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pakistan Army with the Help of Locals Rescued All Eight Trapped in Dangling Chairlift

Pakistan’s military saved two children from a group of eight who were stuck in a cable car over a deep valley. The cable car got stuck because one of its lines broke on Tuesday.

The children and their teacher were on their way to school in a remote mountain area called Battagram, about 200 km north of Islamabad.It was tough to rescue them because of strong winds. The rescue was made harder because helicopters might make the cable car unstable.

So far, two children have been saved, but we don’t know much about how they’re doing.

Lots of people in Pakistan are watching this on TV. The TV shows emergency workers near the cable car and worried villagers on the hillside.

At first, they thought there were six students and one teacher stuck, but now they say it’s seven students and one teacher. Muzaffar Khan, a person from the district office in Battagram, said this.

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