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Pakistan Based E-commerce Marketing Agency Listed in Top 100 Fast Growing companies in 2021

Urtasker which is a global E-commerce marketing agency (90% workforce in Pakistan) secures a Spot in Clutch’s Top 100 Fast Growth Companies.

Urtasker – Awarded By Clutch

Clutch, which is an independent platform that performs in-depth interviews with clients and customers about the quality of their interaction with each registered company on their site, has included Urtasker to the Clutch 100 in a press release from Clutch.

We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Clutch’s fastest-growing businesses—and a honoree for the 2021 Clutch 100 list.

— Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker

Omer Riaz CEO at Urtasker has stated that we are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Clutch fastest growing businesses and an honoree for the 2021 Clutch 100 list. E-commerce is an evolving industry which makes it a unique but challenging industry at the same time. Our team has made us proud by consistently performing well in the last couple of years, taking us in the top 100-fastest growing business worldwide. Both of our offices in Pakistan have industry experts to help empower & enhance eCommerce business with revolutionary ideas. In 2021-22, we are more focused on innovation by building portals and SAAS based tools to stay ahead of competition.

What is Clutch 100

In their ranking for 2021, Clutch has aggregated revenue from the top companies on the platform to rank the highest-growing B2B providers based on their growth over the years.

The 100 fastest-growing companies rank is based on their absolute revenue growth rate from 2019 to 2020, while the top 100 sustained-growth companies rank is based on their absolute revenue growth from 2017 to 2020.

“The Clutch 100 growth lists aims to highlight the top service providers based on growth over the years,” said Clutch Customer Success Manager Aaron Morales. “It has been a challenging year, but these companies are recognized because of their willingness to participate and their commitment to delivering the best services to their clients.”

Urtasker Pakistan Offices

Urtasker is a one stop strategic consulting and marketing agency, assisting clients both on and off Amazon. The firm was founded in 2015 and has since enjoyed phenomenal growth. In the last six years, it has boomed from a small team to a global workforce of e-commerce marketing experts.

Awards and Recognition

It is not the first time that Urtasker has been awarded with such honorable recognition. Due to their expertise and commitment to help E-commerce brands, Urtasker has received many other awards from reputable international organizations. With the long history of honors, here are the highlights:

Listed in top 10 Amazon Service Provider – Seller Poll  2020

Listed in 100 Most Important companies in E-commerce-  Marketplace Pule 2021

Listed in top  25 Amazon Marketing Agencies-  Influencer Marketing 2020

Listed in top 10 Marketing and Agencies – MirrorReview 2020

Job Opportunities

Urtasker is running its operation from two (Islamabad and Jhelum) of its offices in Pakistan. One of its offices is in Jhelum which is comparatively a smaller city in Pakistan. However, the company is aimed at creating jobs and opportunities for the local economy.  It currently employs more than 250 people from Pakistan. Due to rapid growth in E-commerce, it is currently expanding its team to include more and more digital marketers, copywriters, and graphic designers. It is also working with local colleges and universities to share their knowledge through career counseling and knowledge transfer sessions.

If you are motivated enough and have a passion to make a successful career. You can contact their team through [email protected].

Urtasker team visit to NUST- June 2021

Training and Development Culture

E-commerce is continuously changing which requires building new skills and polish our existing skills. Urtasker also has a strong culture of training and development. From its inception, it has focused on building a culture of training and development. To cater for this immense need of continuous development Urtasker has a dedicated Training and Development Department (T&D).

Training at Urtasker Office

T&D department is solely dedicated to fulfil all training and development needs of not only new joiners but also introduce skill enhancement programs for existing team members. T&D Department also focuses on building interpersonal and Managerial skills in our team. Furthermore, the T & D department provides guidance on career progression plans and helps team members to move up the career ladder.

You can see a flood of e-commerce agencies in Pakistan, but Urtasker is playing an essential role in letting Pakistan flourish in e-commerce by assisting you find all the answers on how to build a strong brand on Amazon.

Join Urtasker and become world-renowned industry specialists to help businesses empower & enhance their brand’s name with revolutionary ideas.

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