Saturday, March 2, 2024

Pakistan buys J-10 C fighter jets to counter India’s Rafale

In reaction to India’s purchase of Rafale fighter jets, Pakistan has acquired a full squadron of 25 Chinese multirole J-10C fighter jets, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

According to the minister, a full squadron of 25 all-weather aircraft, including J-10Cs, will join the Pakistan Day ceremony on March 23, next year. China appears to have come to the aid of its closest ally by supplying a J-10C, one of its extremely reliable fighter jets.

Last year, the J-10C aircraft were part of a Pak-China joint exercise, and Pakistani experts were able to have a close look at them. Pakistan already has a fleet of F-16s built in the United States, which are regarded a good fit for Rafale, but it was looking for a new multirole all-weather fighter to supplement its fleet.

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