Friday, May 31, 2024

Pakistan Company Hi- Speed Now Exporting Motorcycles to Asian Countries.

It’s probably that Pakistan’s motorcycle industry is producing antique and unfashionable bikes that aren’t extremely famous elsewhere in the world. But nowadays, we’re going to let you know about a neighborhood motorcycle manufacturing enterprise that has been promoting locally synthetic motorcycles to nations which includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka for the beyond few years. Hi Speed Motorcycles is the name of the company, and they may be considered one of Pakistan’s top 10 indigenous bike production companies.

Raazy Motor Industries was being established in 2004. Raazy Motor Industries was being found in 2011 as a personal restrained corporation. As a result, the corporation is now known as “Raazy Motor Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.”

Pakistan is in which high-speed 4-stroke Euro-II motorcycles and cargo loaders are manufactured and assembled. Pakistan is a country that manufactures and assembles motorbikes and freight loaders. They additionally produce and bring together excessive-overall performance bike additives which includes the gas tank, chain covers, and wiring harness.

Following a a profitable pilot programme, Raazy Motors has these days, started exporting their Hi Speed SR125 to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This demonstrates the first-rate degree of workmanship and customer service presented. In latest years, Pakistan has additionally began to export domestically made 4-stroke vehicle rickshaws to nations all over the world.

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