Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistan Develops New Wheat Seed for Barren Land

The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has introduced a new type of wheat seed that can enable the country to become self-sufficient in wheat production on barren lands as well.

According to Dr. Niyaz Khoro;

The new wheat seed category will produce 30 times more wheat than the previous seeds.

An awareness exhibition was organized for farmers and agricultural experts in Faisalabad, where the new seed was launched. Non-toxic agrochemicals and low-cost alternatives for urea fertilizers were also displayed during the exhibition to enhance the productivity of the new seed.

This breakthrough could contribute significantly to the nation’s agricultural revolution, as millions of hectares of barren land could become productive if the seed is made available to the general public.

The production of this new seed will help Pakistan reduce its reliance on wheat imports and make it one of the leading producers of wheat in the world.

The PAEC’s efforts to develop a wheat seed suitable for barren lands are commendable, given that wheat is a staple crop in Pakistan, and the country has been struggling to meet its demand for the commodity.


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