Monday, June 17, 2024

“Pakistan Diamond Jubilee Medal”- President Alvi Establishes New National Award for Armed Forces

President Arif Alvi signed the Pakistan Diamond Jubilee Medal 2022 for the armed forces on Wednesday. President Arif Alvi has approved the establishment of a new decoration that recognises the services and sacrifices of troops for the defense of the country.

The president approved the medal in accordance with the Awards Act of 1975. The medal will be awarded to members of the Pakistan Army, civilian forces, and other law enforcement agencies as an acknowledgment of their services in defending geographical and political boundaries.  

It will be conferred on Pakistan’s armed forces, civil forces, and personnel of law enforcement agencies in recognition of their services and sacrifices rendered for the protection of the country’s geographic and political borders and the elimination of ter*rorism and e*xtremism.

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