Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pakistan Displays Carpet Art at Exhibition in Iran

At the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) regional exhibition of carpet arts held in Tehran, member states, including Pakistan, displayed their unique and beautiful carpet designs. The event also featured a workshop dedicated to the restoration of antique carpets, according to a press release from Tehran on Saturday.

Saad S Khan, President of the Economic Cultural Institute (ECI) in Tehran, spoke about the deep cultural importance of carpets. He described them as an ancient art form shared by all ECO member countries, highlighting their long-standing significance.

During the exhibition, scholars and experts discussed the common heritage of carpet designs found in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. They pointed out that carpets are more than just cultural symbols; they play a vital role in traditional hospitality and serve as a major source of income for many people through the craft of carpet weaving.

The exhibition included detailed discussions on techniques for restoring century-old carpets. Experts demonstrated methods to bring worn or torn carpets back to their original beauty, showing how to carefully rejuvenate these historical pieces.

In addition to the displays and workshops, the event emphasized the shared cultural heritage and craftsmanship of carpets in the ECO region. It provided an opportunity for countries to showcase their artistic traditions and for experts to exchange knowledge on preserving and restoring these valuable cultural artifacts.

The exhibition highlighted the enduring legacy of carpet making and its continued relevance in modern times, both as an art form and as an economic activity.

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