Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pakistan Earns Over $635 Million from IT Export Services in 3 Months

During the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021-22, Pakistan earned over $635 million by supplying various IT services to a variety of countries, capping off an incredible time of progress for the country’s information technology goals.

According to the data received by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), computer services exports increased by 40.90 percent from $348.4 million last fiscal year to $490.89 million this fiscal year.

Computer software-related services exports and imports both increased by 42.39 percent, from $87.575 million to $124.702 million, while repair and maintenance services exports increased to $0.345 million from $0.145 million.

Pakistan’s export of software consultancy services increased by 52.72 percent from $115.534 million to $176.534 million, indicating a considerable rise in computer-related services.

Meanwhile, hardware consulting services exports increased by 506.52 percent, from $0.138 million to $0.837 million.

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