Monday, March 4, 2024

Pakistan Exports of rice could reach $3 billion

According to Punjab Minister for Agriculture Hussain Jehanian Gardezi, rice exports are likely to reach $3 billion this year as a result of the government’s excellent agriculture policies.

He said that Basmati kinds were highly popular, and that the government was paying attention to hybrid types in order to earn the most amounts of foreign cash, while speaking at a paddy conference on Saturday. A long grain variety was recently developed and will be available to farmers very soon. “Pakistani rice is popular all over the world because of its distinct aroma and flavor,” he explained.

The provincial minister believed that Pakistan would achieve bumper crop production, which would boost the country’s economy as well as farmers’ income.

He stated that the Punjab government was investing Rs4 billion in per acre yield increase. Farmers are eligible for a subsidy on selected rice seed varieties and machinery.

Gardezi also intimated that the Punjab government was pushing for mechanized agriculture. He also asked farmers to avoid burning rice residue because it was illegal and polluted the atmosphere.

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