Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistan Faces Loadshedding Despite Having Megawatts of Electricity

The CPEC power generation projects have resulted in a dramatic increase in electricity produced in Pakistan, far more than Pakistan needs. But, as the cost of generating more energy is transferred to customers, they have to pay more for the electricity they don’t need and don’t have either at most times.

Having been without sufficient power supply for at least half a century, Pakistan is increasingly facing a unique problem that most could not have predicted-more electricity than is required.

According to Mr. Gauhar, once the projects under construction are completed in the coming years, Pakistan’s capacity will grow to 38,000 MW, but the current peak summer demand is only 25,000 MW, resulting in an excess supply of 13,000 MW.

He further added that, due to the tariff costs incurred by Pakistan for the development of power in cooperation with the Chinese firms, consumer prices would drive up to 30 percent, unless electricity consumption in Pakistan increases accordingly.

However, even as the supply grows, major cities, including Karachi, remain plagued with blackouts of electricity. A significant power failure last month led to a countrywide blackout in main cities.

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