Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pakistan Football Team to Participate in 6-Nation Women’s Football Tournament in Saudi Arabia

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has officially said that Pakistan will be part of a women’s football tournament in Saudi Arabia from September 18 to 30.

In this six-team tournament, there will also be teams from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Laos, Malaysia, and Bhutan. The PFF is planning to set up a training camp for the women’s team to get ready for the tournament.

The PFF told everyone that the Pakistan women’s football team will be playing matches in the tournament on those dates. This isn’t the first time Pakistan is doing something like this in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this year in January, the team took part in a tournament with four teams. They won against Comoros, lost to Mauritius, and ended with a good tie against Saudi Arabia, which won the whole tournament.

The Pakistani women’s football team has shown they’re very good. They won a big game 7-0 against Maldives in September 2022 in the South Asian Football Federation championship. They also had a great win, 1-0, against Tajikistan during the qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics in April this year.

This was a big deal because it was Pakistan’s first win at a big international tournament since they started playing again in September 2022 after a long break. Before that, they mostly won friendly games or smaller tournaments, like the Four-Nation Cup in Saudi Arabia.

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