Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistan Heart Association Requested PEMRA to Ban Sheikh Rashid for Smoking Cigar on Live Telecast

The Pakistan National Heart Association (Panah) has urged the authority overseeing electronic media to stop covering former federal minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed because he uses tobacco products during press conferences, which could have an impact on the next generation.

Moreover, it has started demanding from Pakistan Digital Devices Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to issue a relation to education not to offer coverage to any person who promotes smoking.

According to the letter from Sanaullah Ghumman, general secretary of Panah, the organization has been working to reduce cardiovascular diseases since 1984.

“This association also contributed significantly to aiding those who were harmed during previous natural disasters that the country experienced, as well as assisting underprivileged patients in obtaining costly cardiac examinations,

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