Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pakistan imports $20 Billion a year of Diesel and Petrol: Report

During the first eleven months of the current fiscal year (2021–22), compared to the same period the previous year, the imports of the entire petroleum group increased by 99.14%.

According to the most recent data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the overall imports of the petroleum group for the review period were $19.679 billion, compared to imports of $9.882 billion the previous year.

When compared to the previous year, the import of petroleum products increased by 126.17 percent, from $4.431 billion to $10.022 billion.

Between July and May of 2021–22, petroleum crude imports rose by 74.70 percent, from $2.724 billion the previous year to $5.7591 billion, while liquefied natural gas imports jumped by 86.29 percent, from $2.302 billion to $4.289 billion.

Liquefied petroleum gas imports increased by 43.50 percent, from $422.917 million to $606.892 million.

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