Saturday, December 2, 2023

Pakistan Imposes Complete Ban on Issuance of Visa to Afghan Nationals

The Foreign Office (FO) has swung into action after the alleged visa scandal and ordered the embassies in European countries to not issue visas to Afghan citizens till further orders, sources reported on Sunday.

In a letter sent to all its embassies in European Union countries, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has ordered a complete visa ban for Afghan nationals.

The decision was taken after the issuance of 1600 visas to Afghans of Swedish descent who had provided fake Swedish residence cards.

The Pakistani embassies in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, and the Netherlands received the directives from the FO.

Afghan citizens who currently reside in Pakistan have suffered as a result of the latest decision by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. According to an Afghan native in Islamabad, the visa block has interfered with their personal plans because their family members in Europe are unable to go to visit them in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government has severely restricted the issuing of visas to Afghan nationals since the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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