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Pakistan Independence Day 2022 – History, Facts, Celebrations, and Other Details

Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on August 14 every year. It marks the ending of the British Raj in 1947 when the country Pakistan was formed and declared a sovereign state. Pakistan arose from the Pakistan Movement, which sought to separate British India’s northwestern areas to create an autonomous Muslim state.

Pakistan Independence Day

August 14, Pakistan Independence Day, is a double day of liberation. Muslim Indians struggled to be free of British authority. They later re-armed to fight for their nation-state, originally part of the Indian subcontinent and is now Pakistan. During the British Raj, the Crown acquired complete power after putting down the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

This situation persisted until 1947, when Pakistan gained independence. The national flag is placed at the Parliament and Presidential building in Islamabad during the main Independence Day function. The national anthem is played, followed by televised addresses by Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister.

Pakistan Independence Day

For Pakistanis, the most important day is Pakistan Independence Day. It is a day remembered by all, from youngsters to the elderly. On this day, people conduct various activities.

But, more importantly, on August 14, we commemorate our freedom, reflect on history, remember our heroes, and honor those who sacrificed their lives in founding and then defending our country. Various functions are held in our country to pay such honors. Across the country, essay competitions in English and Urdu are mostly held.


Historically, the area that now up Pakistan has been a part of the Sapt Sindhu kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent. Much of the nineteenth century was spent as part of the British India Empire. In 17th century colonial India, the East India Company started trading.

Originally, Pakistan, India, & Bangladesh were all part of the Indian subcontinent, a massive landmass. Conflicts and Hindu oppression of Muslims have plagued the subcontinent since Islam was established and accepted. Following the War of Independence in 1857, intellectual ideas and philosophies were launched to protect the Muslim minority.

Pakistan Independence Day Histroy

Without one man’s heroic efforts and struggle, the idea of Pakistan and Muslim independence would have stayed a pipe dream. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer and politician who became known as Pakistan’s father. From 1913 until Pakistan’s independence, Jinnah led the All-India Muslim League.

Following World War I, British reforms such as the Montagu ford Reforms were implemented, but the restrictive Rowlatt Act was also enacted, and Indian activists made loud calls for self-rule. During this time, considerable anger erupted into nonviolent non-cooperation and disobedience of civil campaigns across the country.

Allama Iqbal, as President of the Muslim League in December 1930 in his speech, proposed the creation of a distinct Muslim state in the northwest parts of South Asia. As the Indian independence movement gained momentum in the 1940s, a surge of nationalism among Muslims led by the All-India Muslim League, where Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the most important leader, erupted.

Feelings among Hindus and Muslims have been escalating for a long time. Pakistan’s transition from a dominion to a republic, March 23, became recognized as Pakistan Day in 1956.

Announcement of Independence Day

Muslim League was the most powerful Muslim political party in 1946. The split was determined during the elections of 1945–46. With a few exceptions, the Muslim League gained all Muslim seats in the provincial and national legislatures. The Muslim League, which advocated for division, was chosen by most Muslims. As a result, Mountbatten and Radcliffe were summoned to decide on the partition scheme.

The Viceroy announced the Partition plan via radio on July 4, 1947. The declaration of India’s and Pakistan’s formation was made. Quaid-e-Azam arrived in Karachi on August 7.

On August 15, Pakistan’s first Governor-General, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was sworn in. It was then finalized. Quaid-e-Azam made history. We are currently living in peace thanks to the brave efforts of our forefathers and leaders. Thanks to our forebears’ sacrifices, we have the freedom to speak, think, act, and move.

Announcement of Independence Day

During the 1947 migration alone, millions of people perished. Those who died during the exodus hoped to live in peace in their new homeland. They had been tortured in British India, and now it was time for them to rejoice. However, fate had written something different for me.

As a result, we should be thankful that we did not have to go through what our forebears did to live in peace. Let’s remember to be thankful for our freedom while celebrating it.


Pakistanis are enthusiastic about their country’s independence. The green & white of Pakistan’s flag is the day’s colors. Flags of the country abound, while fireworks displays are very much popular. All across the country, flag hoisting rituals are held in both public and private venues.

Declamation events, art shows, national song performances, and sports marathons are all organized by schools and universities to commemorate the occasion. The commemoration of this day will also include special programming.

The President and prime minister give special addresses to honor the nation’s forefathers who gave their lives in defense of our country. Citizens painted their faces, wore national flags, dressed up extravagantly, lit fireworks, and celebrated everything Pakistani.

  • For any country, independence day is a holiday, and Pakistanis celebrate it with zeal and delight.
  • They stand united behind Pakistan’s green and white flag, sharing their joy with friends and relatives.
  • Independence Day is celebrated in various ways by people from all around the country.
  • Some individuals wear green and white to display patriotism, while others visit national landmarks such as the Minar-e-Pakistan and the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam.
  • Many people take advantage of this time to see relatives and give gifts to those they care about.
Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations

Facts of Independence Day

  • The Muslims of the subcontinent were granted their own country on August 14, allowing them to practice their religion freely.
  • Pakistan obtained independence on August 14, 1947, after extraordinary efforts by Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
  • A great leader believed that Muslims could only live peacefully if they owned a country led by their people and based on the Islamic faith.
  • For many years, the Muslims of both the subcontinent made numerous sacrifices because they were never allowed to freely practice their religion due to their minority status.
  • People like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, on the other hand, put forth a lot of work.

Tributes to heroes of Independence Day

It is vital for the people of the country to pay honor to their heroes, as it was only through their sacrifices that they could achieve independence. Pakistanis also remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives to secure independence.

A change of guard ceremony is held at the country’s national landmarks, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum and Allama Iqbal’s tomb, the father of Pakistan’s ideology. Several Independence Day shows are shown on television throughout the day, and multiple concerts are performed throughout the country at night.

Although Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day with enthusiasm and zeal, they should never forget what Jinnah’s ambition was. They should always ask themselves if they have built Pakistan following his wishes or whether they have abandoned the cause for its formation.

Independence Day Celebrations

The primary Independence Day event is held in Islamabad, with the national flag being raised in the Parliament and Presidential facilities. The national anthem was televised through speeches by Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister Follow.

Pakistan’s Independence Day is a public holiday in the country. The country will celebrate its 75th Independence Day in 2022.


In this article, the detail, history, celebrations, and announcement of the Independence Day of Pakistan are discussed in detail. Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on August 14 every other year with full zeal and zest.

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