Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pakistan Issues Visas to Indian Hindu Pilgrims for Katas Raj, Chakwal Visit

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has granted 62 visas to a group of Indian Hindu pilgrims who are planning to visit the Shree Katas Raj Temples, also known as Qila Katas, situated in the Chakwal district of Punjab.

The visit is scheduled to take place from December 19 to 25, allowing the pilgrims to engage in religious activities and explore the cultural and historical significance of the temples.

Aizaz Khan, the Charge d’Affaires, conveyed his best wishes to the pilgrims and expressed hope for their having a wonderful stay in Pakistan.

This gesture is part of a longstanding agreement between Pakistan and India, established in 1974, which permits Sikh and Hindu pilgrims from both countries to visit religious shrines located in each other’s nations.

Under this agreement, thousands of pilgrims from India visit Pakistan annually to participate in various religious festivals and events.

The Shree Katas Raj Temples hold particular significance for the Hindu community, and these visits contribute to fostering cultural exchanges and religious understanding between the two neighboring countries.

The issuance of these visas and the welcoming approach by Pakistani authorities reflect the ongoing efforts to facilitate religious tourism, promote people-to-people connections, and enhance mutual understanding and harmony between individuals of different faiths.

This practice underscores the importance of cultural and religious exchanges in fostering goodwill and promoting peaceful coexistence in the region.

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