Monday, July 22, 2024

Pakistan Likely to Play World Cup Matches Outside India, ICC General Manager

Wasim Khan, General Manager of Cricket for the International Cricket Council (ICC), predicts that Pakistan may decide to play its World Cup matches at a neutral venue rather than India in 2023.

For the forthcoming 2023 Asia Cup, India has declined to visit Pakistan. Pakistan has threatened to boycott the Asia Cup, forcing India to think about using a “hybrid model” for the competition.

In accordance with this proposed model, other teams would play their matches in Pakistan, while the Indian team would play its games abroad.

Media sources state that Pakistan is currently thinking about the potential of holding neutral venues for its matches at the World Cup.

“I don’t know if it would take place here or in a different country, but a neutral venue is highly likely,” the former CEO of the PCB said in an interview with a local TV channel. “I don’t think that Pakistan will play their matches in India.” “I think their matches will also be held at a neutral venue, just like India’s Asia Cup matches,” Wasim added.

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