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Pakistan made e-bike Teleport MODEL T1 is launching on 18th December

With the world trying to move to clean sources of fuel and renewable energy, Electric vehicles are becoming very common these days. With Tesla taking the lead, a lot of commercial electronic cars are already out there, but electric bikes are not that popular. The ones available range from $1000 for the simplest ones to $6000 for larger ones. For only a bike, that is a huge amount of money.

Particularly in Pakistan, we see on the news that an electric bike has been made by a local mechanic, which will change the industry, but then they vanish. It is normally because the solution is an unsuccessful one on a wide scale that is not even feasible.

Teleport is a startup that has been researching and improving this technology for more than two years and is finally launching its MODEL T1 product. Right out of the Metal Gear Solid series, it seems something like it. The exact specifications of the bike are not known, but it will be released on December 18th, 2020.

The bike is entirely built in Pakistan, greatly reducing the cost compared to those available in the market. The bike is based on the current ISO standards, ensuring that quality is not compromised. On December 18, 2020, we can’t wait for the official unveiling.

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