Monday, July 22, 2024

Pakistan Mountaineer Trapped on Mount Everest Appeals for Help

In a distressing situation, Asad Ali Memon, a Pakistani climber, is stuck on Mount Everest in Nepal. After successfully reaching the summit on May 19th, Memon encountered an unfortunate accident during his descent, resulting in a hand injury.

Seeking urgent assistance, Memon has reached out to the Pakistani embassy in Kathmandu, requesting their help in arranging his safe return. He explained that he slipped between Camp 4 and Camp 3, injuring his hand by colliding with an ice screw and fracturing a bone.

Through a WhatsApp message, Memon shared details of his challenging journey back to Base Camp. Normally, it takes one to two days to return from the summit, but due to his injured hand, it took him three difficult days to reach Base Camp. He received immediate medical attention upon arrival.

Memon expressed his predicament, stating, “I cannot travel to Kathmandu due to the severity of my hand injury. The best option is to be airlifted from Base Camp, considering the unpredictable weather conditions.”

Asad Ali Memon, a 24-year-old student from Karachi, is the first mountaineer from Sindh to conquer Mount Everest. He is currently studying at a private university.

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