Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan-Origin Sadiq Khan Wins London Mayor’s Post for Record Third Time

Sadiq Khan, whose family is from Pakistan, has made history by winning the London mayor’s election for the third time. Khan got the most votes in the West Central area, with 106,861 people supporting him. His closest competitor, Susan Hall from the Conservative party, got 26,347 votes.

The Labour party, to which Khan belongs, also did well in other parts of the country. They won in places like Liverpool, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester, where Andy Burnham was re-elected. Keir Starmer, who leads the Labour party, was confident about Khan’s victory even before it was officially announced.

After Khan won and people criticized how the government is doing, Starmer challenged the prime minister to have an election. He said that if a leader makes the country worse after being in power for 14 years, they shouldn’t stay in charge.

This election for mayor changed the way people voted. Instead of ranking their choices, they just picked one person. Khan only needed more votes than anyone else to win.

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