Monday, May 27, 2024

Pakistan-Origin Writer Lina Khan Among Time 100 Next list

It is reported on a social media website that Pakistani-origin writer Lina Khan has been featured on the Time100 Next list.

Lina Khan said in a Twitter post, “Thanks to TIME for the honor and to Senator Elizabeth Warren for her generous words.” The next list of Time100 highlights emerging leaders who are shaping the future.

American politician and former law professor Elizabeth Ann Warren, who is Massachusetts’ senior U.S. senator said, “For too long, giant tech companies have been throwing around their weight to crush competition, exploit our data and spread misinformation. They may think they are too large to be kept responsible, but they are proved wrong by Lina Khan.”

Elizabeth also said that after Lina released her blockbuster article in 2017, Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox in the Yale Law Journal, written while she was still a law student. I might say, in the modern anti-trust movement, she was the leading intellectual force. The Senator said that her writings and activism pushed academics, attorneys, advocates and elected officials to think about Big Tech differently.

Lina’s deep understanding and dedication to finding the facts on the ground not only drew attention to the concentration problem, but also showed how to fix it, she said.

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