Saturday, May 25, 2024

Pakistan Railways Ready to Revamp Centuries-Old ‘Coolie System’

As per recent news, Pakistan Railways is preparing to change centuries-old traditions of porters being hired by private contractors, since the practice was exploitative and extorting contracts in the form of bonded labour,

“The proposal titled ‘Madadgaars,’ which means a helping hand, is ready and will be presented to the authorities for approval in the coming days, because the private contractor takes advantage of the porters’ earnings through a variety of difficult contracts,” said Chief Executive Railways Zafar Zaman Ranjha on World Railways Workers Day, March 27.

After hundreds of years, the history of the “coolie,” or porter, on the Indian subcontinent’s railways is still alive.

Furthermore, their services are highly essential for passengers at railway stations since trains are designated to specific platforms and passengers cannot move heavy luggage from one platform to another due to the ancient network of stairs and bridges in the stations.

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