Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pakistan Ranks Above India in Latest Nuclear Security Index

Pakistan has been ranked above India, North Korea, and Iran in handling weapons-usable nuclear materials, according to the Nuclear Security Index by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). Pakistan secured the 19th position out of 22 states, with a total score of 49, higher than India’s 40, Iran’s 29, and North Korea’s 18.

However, the index also expressed concerns about the deteriorating global nuclear security situation. It revealed that many countries with nuclear materials and facilities are experiencing regression in nuclear security conditions. Eight countries, including Pakistan, have been increasing their stocks of weapons-grade nuclear materials, which poses a risk of theft and undermines efforts towards minimization and elimination.

The report also highlighted that some countries are not fulfilling their commitments to confidence-building and information sharing, which were crucial for progress during the Nuclear Security Summits.

It is essential to understand that the ranking is based on data and evaluations up to the year 2023 and may not represent the current state. Nuclear security remains a critical global concern, and efforts to address these issues continue to be of utmost importance in preventing nuclear proliferation and enhancing overall global security.

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