Thursday, May 30, 2024

Pakistan Renamed Islamabad’s New Highway as Iran Avenue

The decision by the Pakistani government to rename Eleventh Avenue in Islamabad to Iran Avenue is a significant move that reflects the deepening ties and friendship between Pakistan and Iran.

This renaming not only symbolizes the strong diplomatic relationship between the two countries but also demonstrates mutual respect and goodwill.

Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, arrived in Pakistan for a three-day official visit, accompanied by a high-level delegation comprising cabinet members, senior officials, and business leaders.

This visit holds considerable importance as it aims to further strengthen and diversify the partnership between Pakistan and Iran across various sectors.

Upon his arrival at Islamabad airport, President Raisi was warmly welcomed by Pakistan’s Housing Minister, Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran, Mudassir Tipu.

This reception underscores the significance of President Raisi’s visit and reaffirms the commitment of both nations to bolstering their longstanding friendship and collaboration.

During his stay in Pakistan from April 22 to 24, President Raisi is scheduled to engage in a series of high-level meetings with Pakistan’s Prime Minister, President, Senate Chairman, and National Assembly Speaker.

These meetings will provide an opportunity for both sides to discuss and explore avenues for enhancing bilateral relations and cooperation in various key areas.

Trade and economic cooperation will be among the primary focus areas during President Raisi’s visit. Discussions will encompass exploring new opportunities to expand bilateral trade, facilitate investments, and foster business partnerships.

Both countries will aim to identify and eliminate trade barriers, promote trade facilitation measures, and encourage private sector engagement to boost economic growth and development.

Energy cooperation will also feature prominently on the agenda. Pakistan and Iran will explore potential collaboration in the energy sector, including the development of joint ventures, infrastructure projects, and energy initiatives.

Both nations recognize the importance of energy security and sustainability and will seek to leverage their resources and expertise to address their energy challenges effectively.

In the agricultural sector, Pakistan and Iran will collaborate on initiatives aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity, promoting sustainable farming practices, and facilitating trade in agricultural products.

This cooperation will help support food security, improve livelihoods, and contribute to agricultural development in both countries.

The two countries will engage in constructive dialogue on regional and global issues of mutual concern. Topics of discussion will include peace and security, counter-terrorism efforts, regional stability, and promoting peace and cooperation in the broader region.

Both nations will aim to coordinate their efforts and strategies to address common challenges and promote shared interests on the global stage.

Pakistan and Iran are planning to establish a Joint Special Economic Zone on their shared border to boost economic relations and facilitate trade and investment. The federal cabinet has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this special economic zone during President Raisi’s visit.

This initiative will be implemented at the government-to-government level and is expected to create new opportunities for economic cooperation, job creation, and regional development.

President Raisi’s official visit to Pakistan is poised to serve as a catalyst for deepening bilateral relations, fostering greater cooperation, and exploring new avenues for collaboration across a wide range of sectors between Pakistan and Iran.

This visit underscores the shared commitment of both countries to strengthening their strategic partnership and working together to achieve common goals and objectives for the benefit of their peoples and the broader region.

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