Friday, September 29, 2023

Pakistan Shutdown This Airport’s Main Runway for a Complete Year

The runway at Dalbandin airport in Balochistan has been closed for a whole year. It will be opened again on August 6, 2024, so flights can use it. This happened because of flooding that damaged the runway and other parts of the airport. The authorities told pilots about this closure through a notice called NOTAM.

Dalbandin is a place in Balochistan, Pakistan, that shows the rough beauty and culture of the area. It’s in a dry place and has hills and big open areas that make it special. The place is important not just for its looks, but also because it has old things from the past that tell us about history.

The way of life there follows Balochi culture and shows how people and the land are connected. Dalbandin shows the strong spirit of Balochistan, with its history and traditions that still matter a lot.

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