Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Pakistan Signs Historic $1.6 Billion Export Deal with Azerbaijan for JF-17 Fighter Jets

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have recently reached an agreement to sell JF-17C Block-III fighter multi-role aircraft. These planes are seen as the best choice for Baku considering their budget limitations. The contract, valued at $1.6 billion, includes the purchase of aircraft, training, and ammunition. However, the specific details of the deal have not been made public by the Pakistan Air Force and the government.

The JF-17 Block III, developed by Pakistan, was showcased at the Dubai Air Show in 2023, demonstrating advanced aerial warfare technology. The agreement between Pakistan and Azerbaijan comes after lengthy discussions between the two countries. Other nations like Nigeria and Myanmar have already incorporated these jets into their air forces.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have a long history of friendly relations, leading to strengthened defense cooperation. This includes joint military exercises, technology transfers, and other collaborations in the defense sector. The recent contract for the sale of JF-17C Block-III aircraft further solidifies their defense ties and underscores the importance of their partnership in the realm of security and defense.

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