Sunday, May 19, 2024

Pakistan to Celebrate Eid UL Fitr on Saturday as New Moon Not Sighted


Since Pakistan failed to see the Shawwal moon on Thursday, Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22, making Ramadan 30 days long.

Chairman of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad stated at a press conference in Islamabad: “We have not received any witness about the sighting of the Shawwal moon across the country.

“Eid-ul-Fitr will be held across the country on Saturday, April 22. The sky was clear in most parts of the country, while it was cloudy in some places,” he added.

Al Arabiya announced that Eidul Fitr would be observed in Saudi Arabia tomorrow (Friday). At the conclusion of the Holy Month of Ramazan, the Islamic calendar observes Eidul Fitr, a significant celebration.

Worldwide, Muslims maintain a month-long fast, and the holiday of Eid celebrates the completion of this period of constraint.

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