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Pakistan to export up to 160,000 MT of mangoes in the year 2021 says, Razak Dawood

While speaking to the media on ‘Mango Festival’ organized in Islamabad, Abdul Razak Dawood- The Adviser to Prime Minister for Commerce said Pakistan is a potential producer of Mangoes and it is predicted that about 160,000 Metric Tons (MT) of mangoes will be exported in the current year 2021.

The PM Adviser stated that Pakistan’s potential for ‘Mango Pulp’ export is at $500 million in the international market.

“We can earn millions of dollars in foreign exchange, especially through the value addition of mangoes,” said the Adviser for Commerce

According to Razak, Pakistan can improve the value supplement to enhance the country’s exports in international markets through mango exports.

He further shared that the government has dedicated itself to promote the mango cultivators & exporters to opt for the production of mango natural pulp even with no artificial flavors and preservatives that would increase exports by $500 million in the world after coronavirus.

He said that value as a supplement, including ‘Mango Pulp” would not only protect the fruit content available for up to 24 months but would also generate the ability to export excess quantities as the mango pulp is in high demand in the world market.

“I am glad to share that two mango treatment facilities, Mustafa Farm and IAC, have been approved by Australian authorities for export of Mangoes from Pakistan,” he said.

He also shared details of the countries that export mangoes from pakistan;

“I am glad to share that after Australia, now Japan has also allowed one mango export facility of Pakistan, Roomi Foods Vapour heat treatment plant, has been approved by Japanese Authorities for export of Mangoes from Pakistan.”

“This is the only facility equipped to process mangoes as per Japanese government quarantine requirements” he added.

Pakistani mangoes are also about to enter the Chinese market on a large scale this season, according to PM Adviser.

He further said that Pakistan could earn nearly $127.5 million from mango exports this year compared to $140 million with 160,000 tons.

“Pakistan can be included in the list of top three mango exporting countries of the world within a period of 4 -5 years”.

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