Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pakistan to Face Jorden in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 2 in Islamabad

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has just revealed the final team for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier Round 2 matches against Jordan. These big games are happening at Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad on March 21, followed by another match in Jordan on March 26. The training camp, which was supposed to be in Lahore for a week, is now happening in Islamabad starting today, Sunday.

In the team, there are different kinds of players:

  • Goalkeepers: These are the guys who protect the goal. Their names are Yousuf Butt, Saqib Hanif, Abdul Basit, and Hassan Ali.
  • Defenders: They stop the other team from scoring. The defenders are Easah Suliman, Abdullah Iqbal, Mamoon Musa, Haseeb Khan, Mohammad Saddam, Mohammad Sohail, Omer Rao, Mohammad Fazal, and Mohammad Adeel.
  • Midfielders: These players control the ball in the middle of the field. There are Rahis Nabi, Harun Hamid, Alamgir Ghazi, Rajab Ali, Ali Uzair, Shayek Dost, and Abdul Samad.
  • Forwards: They try to score goals. The forwards for this team are FareedUllah, Waleed Khan, Imran Kayani, and Adeel Younis.

Some players from other countries (called Diaspora players) will join the team on Monday morning.

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