Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistan to Host ODI TRI-Series for For First Time in 20 Years

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced a significant development in the cricketing landscape by revealing plans to organize a cricket tri-series, a format not seen in the country for two decades.

This decision comes after a constructive meeting between PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi and representatives from Cricket South Africa (CSA) and New Zealand Cricket (NZC).

The outcome of this meeting confirms that Pakistan will host an ODI tri-series involving the three nations in February 2025, leading up to the ICC Champions Trophy.

In a statement issued by the PCB, details regarding the discussions held during the meeting were shared, highlighting the enthusiasm and unanimous agreement among all parties involved.

Naqvi, expressing his excitement for the upcoming event, emphasized the significance of Pakistan hosting such a prestigious tournament after a prolonged period.

He also extended invitations to officials from NZC and CSA to visit Pakistan, showcasing the country’s eagerness to foster stronger cricketing ties and promote the sport on a global scale.

Naqvi’s enthusiasm was evident as he stated, “The Tri-series between Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand will be an exciting event, and it’s been a long time since Pakistan hosted such a tournament. I’d like to thank the heads of NZC and CSA for agreeing to take part in the Tri-series.” This statement reflects the anticipation and excitement surrounding the return of international cricketing action to Pakistan’s shores.

Naqvi underscored the PCB’s keenness to host the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, expressing the board’s aspiration to showcase Pakistan’s hospitality and cricketing infrastructure by welcoming the top eight ODI teams to the country.

This ambitious endeavor not only highlights Pakistan’s commitment to reviving international cricket but also its desire to be recognized as a prominent cricketing destination on the global stage.

The last time the PCB hosted a tri-series was in October 2004, featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe as visiting teams. The announcement of the upcoming tri-series signals a significant milestone for Pakistan cricket, marking the return of a popular format and the potential for renewed excitement and fervor among cricket fans across the nation.

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