Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pakistan to Start Direct Flights to Russia

Russia and Pakistan are collaborating on an initiative to establish direct flight services, signaling a joint effort to strengthen their diplomatic ties and promote increased trade between the two nations.

Muhammad Khalid Jamal, the recently appointed Pakistani Ambassador to Russia, has highlighted the importance of this collaboration, emphasizing its potential to facilitate closer people-to-people contact and enhance economic interactions.

Ambassador Jamal expressed his optimism regarding the positive impact that the resumption of direct air services could have on fostering stronger ties between the people of Russia and Pakistan, as well as boosting trade relations. This move is seen as a strategic effort to deepen the bilateral relationship by improving connectivity.

Recognizing the practical aspects of this decision, Ambassador Jamal acknowledged that the airlines involved in establishing these direct flights must carefully assess the profitability of such routes. Economic considerations play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of these services.

Reflecting on the historical context, the Pakistani envoy noted that direct flights between the two countries had existed in the past, resulting in an increase in the number of Russian tourists visiting Pakistan. However, these services faced challenges, particularly of a financial nature, leading to their disruption.

The current collaborative initiative aims to overcome previous obstacles and revive direct flight services, with a keen focus on addressing economic challenges that may have hindered such ventures in the past.

The goal is to create an efficient and sustainable air link that benefits both nations by facilitating smoother travel and promoting increased economic engagement. Overall, the move signifies a diplomatic and economic effort to strengthen the relationship between Russia and Pakistan.

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