Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pakistan vs Bangladesh Match Stopped Due to Floodlight Failure

During Wednesday’s Pakistan vs. Bangladesh match at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium, a floodlight failure caused quite a stir on social media. Many users humorously commented that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) seemed to struggle even with just four games in the country.

In their last group-stage encounter of the Asia Cup, Pakistan and Bangladesh faced an unexpected hurdle when one of the floodlights malfunctioned around 7:00 pm local time. This incident prompted players to temporarily leave the field.

Fortunately, the glitch was short-lived, and after a mere ten-minute delay, the floodlight issue was resolved, allowing the game to resume.

While the interruption was brief, it didn’t escape the notice of cricket fans on social media, who shared lighthearted reactions and playful banter about the PCB’s ability to manage such events.

Despite the momentary setback, the Pakistan vs. Bangladesh match continued, treating fans to the thrilling cricket action they had been eagerly anticipating.

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