Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pakistan Vs India T20 World Cup Clash can Fetch Over Rs. 1 Million a Second

Global companies are making significant investments in advertising for the highly anticipated India-Pakistan cricket match on June 9 in New York. They are targeting the spending power of the South Asian diaspora, which is expected to generate substantial revenue.

The match will take place at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium and is part of the first-ever ICC Men’s T20 World Cup held in the United States. Advertising slots for this game are priced at over Rs. 1 million ($4,800) per second, reflecting the high demand and potential audience reach.

Prominent sponsors such as Emirates Group, Saudi Aramco, and Coca-Cola have already secured advertising spots. The matches are scheduled to maximize viewership in South Asia, with the India-Pakistan game set to start at 10:30 am in New York. This timing coincides with the evening hours in both Pakistan and India, ensuring that a large audience can tune in during peak viewing times.

The heavy investment by global firms underscores the significance of this match, not only as a major sporting event but also as a prime opportunity for advertisers to connect with millions of passionate cricket fans across the globe.

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