Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pakistan Win First-Ever Gold Medal at Asian Road Cycling Championships2024 in Kazakhstan

The national cycling team of Pakistan has won its first-ever gold medal at the Asian Road Cycling Championships held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Ali Ilyas, representing Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), made history by winning the individual time trial event. His outstanding performance showcased Pakistan’s growing strength in cycling on the international stage. This achievement highlights the hard work and dedication of Pakistani athletes and the support provided by the Pakistan Cycling Federation.

This significant milestone enhances Pakistan’s visibility in the world of international cycling. It serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring cyclists across the country and fills the nation with pride.

Syed Azhar Ali Shah, President of the Pakistan Cycling Federation, praised Ali Ilyas and the team’s staff for their exceptional success. He emphasized that this victory is a testament to the relentless effort and commitment of everyone involved in promoting cycling in Pakistan.

The triumph not only brings recognition to Pakistani cycling but also encourages young athletes to pursue the sport. The win is a positive development for the future of cycling in the country, promising more achievements on the international stage.

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