Saturday, June 15, 2024

Pakistan Won Two Medals in European Bodybuilding Championship

Pakistani bodybuilders achieved notable success by winning two medals at the 3rd European Bodybuilding Championship held in Budapest, Hungary. This achievement marks a significant milestone as it was Pakistan’s first time participating in this prestigious event.

Arsalan Baig earned a silver medal in the Sports Physique category, showcasing his exceptional physique and dedication. Shehzad Qureshi also brought pride to the nation by securing a bronze medal in the Bodybuilding category. Their outstanding performances highlight the talent and hard work of Pakistani athletes on the international stage.

The championship was organized by the Hungarian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation and began on May 18th. The event attracted participants from various countries, making the competition tough and prestigious.

The Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation’s General Secretary, Sohail Anwar, and Ambassador Asif Hussain Memon congratulated the athletes on their remarkable achievements. They praised the bodybuilders for their dedication and hard work, which led to this international recognition.

This success adds to Pakistan’s impressive track record in bodybuilding. Pakistani athletes have previously won 97 medals in various international championships, reflecting their consistent talent and commitment to the sport.

The accomplishments of Arsalan Baig and Shehzad Qureshi not only bring pride to Pakistan but also inspire other athletes to aim high and work hard. Their victories at the European Bodybuilding Championship demonstrate that with dedication and perseverance, Pakistani athletes can achieve great success on the global stage.

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