Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pakistani Actor Attabeg Mohsin’s Entry into the Turkish Media Industry

Attabeg Mohsin, a Pakistani actor, said on Instagram on Wednesday that he would be playing the main character in the Turkish drama “Koyu Beyaz.”

The comedy-drama “Koyu Beyaz” will also star Nisa Bölükbaş and Atakan Hoşgören from Turkey, as well as performers from Pakistan, Atiqa Odho and Tauseeq Haider. It will debut on TRT Digital on May 7 and is directed by Bulent Isbilen.

Ferhan will be portrayed by Mohsin. The experience has been amazing; I’ve learned a lot, and although it was challenging at first to act in a language I didn’t know, things are going well, he stated in a press statement.

He also discussed his set-related experiences. “My director and the other members of the team are thorough professionals who aim for excellence. I had the chance to work with Atiqa Jee and Tauseeq Sir, who I had always admired growing up,” Mohsin continued.

The young actor expressed his hope that this would pave the way for further future Turkish-Pakistani co-productions and for other Pakistani performers to work in Turkey.

The actor has previously appeared in the plays “Pardes,” “Bharaas,” and “Badnaseeb.

Many Turkish dramas, including “Ertugrul” and its spin-off series, as well as their translations into Urdu, are much-liked in Pakistan

‘Selahaddin Eyyubi’, a joint project between the two nations, is reportedly also in progress.

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