Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pakistani Ahmed Larik Selected Among Top 100 Saudi Visionary Leaders

Ahmed Ali Larik, originally from Pakistan and an expert in IT (Information Technology), has been honored by being included in the prestigious DT 100’s Top 100 Saudi visionary leaders. This recognition is for his outstanding contributions to improving digital banking. He is the only person from Pakistan to receive this honor this year.

Mr. Larik became well-known for his forward-thinking work in advancing digital banking and fintech (financial technology) at EMKAN Finance, which is part of Alrahji Bank, one of the world’s largest Islamic banks.

The DT 100 program celebrates the remarkable achievements of technology leaders in Saudi Arabia. It highlights individuals who have been at the forefront of technological innovations in the region.

Ahmed Ali Larik is praised for his role in helping Saudi Arabia become more focused on innovation in its economy. He is a respected expert in the field and often invited to speak at important industry events where he shares valuable research, insights, and expertise as a technology strategist. He has also been recognized as a “Technology Master” and featured among the top 200 CIOs by the Global CIO forum.

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