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Pakistani artist at Dubai Expo showcasing the ‘world’s largest’ Holy Quran

At Expo 2020 in Dubai, which is slated to begin next month, part of the world’s largest Holy Quran will be shown.

For the first time ever in more than 1400 years of Islamic history, the first of its kind Holy Qur’an project will be cast on a canvas with aluminium and gold plated calligraphy.

The Holy Quran was traditionally written on paper, linen or leather till now.

However, a Pakistani artist-who was also a former expatriate from the UAE-appeared for the first time to create a story through the inscription of verses of the Holy Quran using aluminium and golden plates on a high quality screen.

The award-winning performer Shahid Rassam, who has earned numerous international recognition and is ready to present part of the projects at a six-month world exhibition in Dubai, launched the ‘noble’ initiative five years ago.

Rassam has previously inscribed 99 names of Allah in aluminium and gold-plated words. He was awarded the Artist of the Year award by Al-Ain University in 2000.

“The Holy Quran’s size is 8.5 feet high and 6.5 feet broad, excluding frame. The entire number of pages is 550; it will have 150 words on one page. ” According to an artist engaged with the Karachi project,

The biggest printed Quran currently has a height of 6.74 metres, is 4.11 feet wide and a thickness of 6.69 inches.

According to Guinness World Records, the copy includes 632 pages and has a weight of 552, 74 kg.

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