Monday, February 26, 2024

Pakistani Auto Industry Attracts Mexican Auto Companies

Mexico’s auto components sector will collaborate with Pakistani colleagues to fully comprehend Pakistan’s enormous potential in the auto-vending market, which requires more international attention.

This agreement was finalized after 4 virtual seminars which were aimed at improving mutual understanding between the two countries’ industries and developing a roadmap for mutual understanding.

Shabana Aziz, Pakistan’s Commercial Councilor in Mexico, was able to set up meetings between Pakistani and Mexican representatives after she had been meeting with stakeholders in the Mexican automobile industry.

Keeping in view that Mexico is the world’s seventh-largest automobile manufacturer. At the consumer level, this deal will be cost efficient and more reliable.

Opportunities were discovered in the forging parts and rubber parts categories in Mexico during the webinars, some businesses contacted car parts producers in Pakistan and began preliminary inquiries. According to an official, “This is the beginning because in engineering goods, the gestation period to mature business takes time.”

Pakistan’s developing auto industry can provide a fantastic opportunity for parts manufacturers to build a solid footprint.

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