Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistani Buffalo Sets World Record, Gives 37Kg Milk in Just 24 Hours

In Punjab’s Mandi Bahauddin, a remarkable buffalo named Mastani has achieved global recognition by setting a new world record for milk production.

Mastani, belonging to the Blue Ravi breed, astounded experts and enthusiasts alike by producing an astonishing 37 litres of milk within a span of just 24 hours.This remarkable feat surpasses the previous world record held by an Indian buffalo, which yielded 32 kilograms of milk in the same timeframe.

To commemorate Mastani’s extraordinary achievement, a special ceremony was organized at a private hotel in Gujranwala. The event was attended by dignitaries, members of the farming community, and admirers of Mastani’s accomplishment.

During the ceremony, Mastani’s owner, Iftikhar Ahmed Bagri, was honored with a prize of one lakh rupees and presented with a trophy by the Pakistan Buffalo Breeder Association, who organized the event.

The award not only acknowledges Mastani’s exceptional performance but also recognizes Bagri’s dedication and expertise in raising and managing such high-performing livestock.

Mastani’s achievement has not only brought pride to her owner and the local community but has also placed Pakistan’s buffalo breeding industry in the global spotlight. It serves as a testament to the country’s potential in livestock farming and highlights the importance of continued efforts to promote and support the development of high-yielding breeds like Mastani.

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