Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pakistani Citizen Files Multi-Million Rupee Lawsuit Against Emirates in Karachi

Emirates Airlines, a well-known airline, is facing a damages case in a Karachi court due to alleged substandard service. A Pakistani citizen has filed a lawsuit worth Rs5 million, claiming that the airline’s service was extremely poor and below international standards.

The applicant, Barrister Arsalan, purchased three return tickets from Emirates Airlines for Rs229,000. However, he experienced significant issues with the flight. The airline instructed him to check-in four hours before the flight, but despite doing so, the flight was delayed for more than six hours without any explanation from the airline staff.

To add to his frustration, the airline staff transferred Barrister Arsalan and his family’s travel to low-cost FlyDubai Airlines. Unfortunately, FlyDubai Airlines failed to provide them with a decent inflight meal, leaving them dissatisfied with the overall experience. The consumer court in Karachi West has issued notices to the concerned parties regarding this matter.

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