Thursday, July 18, 2024

Pakistani Cuisine Ranks 47th in World

In TasteAtlas, Pakistani cuisine has ranked 47th. World’s Best Cuisine Awards 2022 got a 3.95/5 rating.

As per Bulgaria based experiential travel guide to traditional food, Pakistan’s top rated foods include chapli kebab, chicken karahi, halwa poori and shahi tukray, among others.

Moreover, the top restaurants of Pakistani cuisine includes Kolachi Restaurant, Javed Nihari, Bar.B.Q Tonight and Ridan House of Mandi in Karachi as well as Waris Nihari in Lahore.

The top 10 cuisines are Italian, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Turkish, American and French. After Taiwan (45th) and Paraguay (46th) Pakistan ranked 47th, according to TasteAtlas ranking.

While, Morocco and Norway rank lowest standing at 94th and 95th respectively, as per ratings.

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