Monday, February 26, 2024

Pakistani engineers invent unique stove with biomass fuel to eliminate the use of gas or Electricity in winters.

Due to the paucity of gas during the winter season, two Pakistani engineers created a one-of-a-kind burner that runs on biomass fuel.

Sajid Mustafa and Rehan Tahir, two Pakistani engineers, developed a bio-mass-fueled stove, eliminating the need for an electric or gas oven. To power the modern stove, biomass pellets generated from urea and waste material will be used.

Because it does not emit smoke, the bio-mass stove can cook food for four to six people in a family. It is a portable and eco-friendly solution for consumers during the winter season.

Surprisingly, there is no need to use electricity to light the biomass-fueled stove, as it only requires a spark from a power bank used to charge mobile phones.

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